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 Interdepartmental Educational and Scientific Laboratory
“Design, Modeling and Diagnostics of Technical Systems”

Laboratory is created in frames of the project ENGITEC “Modernizing higher engineering education in Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to meet the technology challenge” (ENGITEC 530244-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-SE-TEMPUS-JPCR) under financial support of the EU TEMPUS Programme and is designed to perform educational and scientific tasks of training the students of engineering specialties.

Laboratory is equipped with complex for carrying out modal analysis of metal-cutting machine tools and machine devices with licensed software LabView:



Зображення Пояснення
NI 9234
±5 V, IEPE and AC/DC Analog Input, 51.2 kS/s/ch, 4 Ch Module
 9234 ·  51.2 kS/s per channel maximum sampling rate; ±5 V input

· 24-bit resolution; 102 dB dynamic range; anti-aliasing filters

·  Software-selectable AC/DC coupling; AC-coupled (0.5 Hz)

· Software-selectable IEPE signal conditioning (0 or 2 mA)

· Smart TEDS sensor compatibility

·  -40 °C to 70 °C operating range, 5 g vibration, 50 g shock

NI 9411
±5 to 24 V, Differential Digital Input, 6 Ch Module
 9411 ·  6-channel, 500 ns digital input

·  ±5 V to 24 V, differential/single-ended digital input

·  Compatible with NI CompactDAQ counters

·  60 VDC, CAT I isolation

·  Industry-standard 15-pin D-SUB connector

·  -40 °C to 70 °C operating, 5 g vibration, 50 g shock

NI 9935
15 pin connector kit with strain relief
Universal Euro, 240V, EuroClass

NI cDAQ-9174

NI CompactDAQ 4-Slot USB Chassis



·  Choose from more than 50 hot-swappable I/O modules with integrated signal conditioning

·  Access the 4 general-purpose 32-bit counter/timers built into the chassis through the digital module

· Run 7 hardware-timed operations simultaneously from analog, digital, or counter/timer channels

·  Stream continuous waveform measurements with patented NI Signal Streaming technology

·  Take advantage of Windows 7 OS support

·  Measure in minutes with NI-DAQmx software and automatic code generation using the DAQ Assistant

IMI Industrial, 2-Pin Accelerometer, 100mV/g, ICP® (IEPE)



·  All sensors use IEPE current excitation

·  Triaxial accelerometer

·  General-purpose modal impact hammer

·  Multiple single-axis accelerometers

·  Accelerometer sensitivity ranges from 5 to 100 mV/g


PCB Modally Tuned® ICP® (IEPE), 10mV/lbf, Impact Hammer
PCB Low Noise Coaxial Cable, 10 ft w/10-32 plug to BNC plug

LabVIEW Base


· Program with drag-and-drop, graphical function blocks instead of writing lines of text

·  Connect to any device or instrument via USB, PCI, PXI, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPIB, and more

· Use drag-and-drop controls, graphs, knobs, and gauges to customize a user interface for your application

· Read and write binary, text, and XML files using functions or configurable assistants


Equipment of complex for carrying out modal analysis is used in training the students of the following specialties “Manufacturing Engineering”, “Metal-cutting Machines and Systems”, “Tool Production” on education and qualification levels:



• Experimental research methods of technological processes (laboratory work – 32 hours);
• Experimental research methods of cutting tools (laboratory work – 32 hours);
• Experimental research methods of metal-working equipment (laboratory work – 32 hours);
• Machine tools repairing and testing (laboratory work – 32 hours);



• Technological equipment of tool production (laboratory work – 22 hours);
• Auxiliary tool and machine equipment (laboratory work – 22 hours).

Implementation of complex for carrying out modal analysis in educational process allowed to improve training the students of engineering specialties:
• Implementation of practice-oriented approach involving the students in creation of experimental stands, manufacturing of study samples, research of new technology prototypes;
• Development of students’ professional skills while working with modern laboratory equipment and devices;
• Improvement of quality of students’ research, Bachelor’s and Master’s research papers performance.




On the basis of complex for carrying out modal analysis and machine devices with licensed software LabView young scientists have the opportunity to carry out science-based experiments, the results of which can be published in peer-reviewed journals with a high impact factor.


Thanks to completing the material base with modern research equipment and devices it is possible to extend the range of services for industrial enterprises, including:
• Monitoring of technical systems;
• Diagnostics of gears, bearings, rotors, turbines, etc.;
• Pilot testing of samples of new technology;
• Testing of building constructions and products from different materials.




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